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Single Father’s Association urging men to use emotional intelligence after conflict between 2 men which left them both hospitalised

Single Father’s Association President, Rondell Feeles

The Single Father’s Association is urging men to use emotional intelligence when dealing with conflict.

The advice follows a dispute between 2 men, which left them hospitalised with chop wounds.

The incident occurred near the home of a woman known to both men.

Reports say at around 8.30am on Friday, a 39-year-old of Sangre Chiquito was near the Manzanilla residence of his former common-law wife when he had an altercation with a 36-year-old man.

Both men left and while the 39-year-old was walking along the Eastern Main Road, he alleged the other man struck him with a blade.

There was reportedly a struggle and both men dealt each other chop wounds about their bodies.

Speaking with Newscenter 5 yesterday, President of the association Rondell Feeles calls on men to exercise emotional intelligence.

Mr. Feeles believes during this time of COVID-19 people’s emotions and anger may flare.

As such he is calling on men to be temperate.

Reports say both men in the incident were taken to hospital.

The 39-year-old suffered injuries to his abdomen, left shoulder and head.

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