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PTA head at Tranquility Govt Primary among 2 arrested during protest

developingChaos outside the Tranquility Government Primary, as the head of the Parent Teachers Association and another parent are arrested.

Chad Barclay and a female parent were detained by police during an early morning protest outside the school, but police say they were blocking the roadway.

The PTA was at the time, protesting what it termed as a number of issues, including a faulty air-conditioning system.

Police at the scene say they called on the group to take their demonstration to the pavement, but Mr Barclay is said to have refused and this led to a confrontation. Mr Barclay was then detained.

Police say they also asked a female parent to get on the pavement, but the officers say she too did not comply. Eyewitnesses say the woman who has not been identified was man-handled by the officers and later arrested.

The two were taken to the Woodbrook police station.

In a statement last night, the Education Ministry said, the problems at the school would be addressed in the coming days. However, the PTA said it was just another empty promise.



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