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OJT trainee who was told to remove her hijab at Lakshmi Girls Hindu School says her rights are being infringed by the school

1526996464On the Job Teacher Trainee Nafeisa Nahkid says her rights are being infringed by the school she was assigned to.


Ms. Nahkid was sent to the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College, but when she got there she was told she would not be allowed in because she was wearing a hijab.


She claims she was ordered to remove her hijab during school hours.


Speaking on TV6’s Morning Edition programme earlier Ms. Nahkid said the situation is now bigger than her.


Ms. Nahkid said she is now advocating for persons who may be discriminated against for their religion.


She said she will not return to the school anytime soon.


And Education Minister, Anthony Garcia says he has sought the advice of the Attorney General over the alleged incident.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarine Maharaj says he will no longer accept trainees from the Ministry of Education, because they dress how they want and make trouble.


Mr. Maharaj says SDMS schools have a dress code which must be adhered to and the organisation has also sought legal advice on the matter.


He says the SDMS is not a training institution and would from time to time take on OJTs sent by the Ministry.


He is insisting that OJTs must conform to the dress code of the school.


And the Head of the Islamic Front expressed confusion over concerns about the situation.


Speaking with Newscentre 5 yesterday, Mr. Umar Abdullah said it was surprising and shocking that issues such as this are taking place in 2018.


When Newscentre 5 attempted to get in contact with the principal of the school yesterday, we were told she was in a meeting.

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