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Murders recorded in Moruga and Sangre Grande

Two people have been killed, and a woman wounded during different situations overnight.

Carlos Harris Phillip is the most recent victim.

According to reports Mr. Phillip was at 5th company St. Mary’s Village Moruga after 9pm when he was shot.

Mr. Phillip was taken to the Princes Town where he reportedly succumbed to his wounds

Earlier at around 7:30 pm a domestic dispute turned fatal after an ex-boyfriend allegedly attacked a woman and her mother.

Police say they received a trouble call informing them of a woman lying in her driveway bleeding.

Officers proceeded to Neil Street, Sangre Grande and discovered 31-year-old Taylor Benson with chop wounds to her face and body.

Ms. Benson reportedly had a conversation with police.  

A short distance away another woman, 53-year-old Tricia Badaloo lay motionless with chop wounds about the body.

Police say Ms. Badaloo showed no signs of life.

According to police, Ms. Badaloo was the mother of Ms. Benson.

Police are now hunting for the suspect.

The 2 killings followed the shooting and wounding of Nikita Nanan.

Newscenter 5 understands 31-year-old Ms. Nanan was shot in central at around 7:15pm last night.

Police reports say she is now undergoing emergency surgery.

Police know Ms. Nanan also known as “Godmother”.

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