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MSJ says the previous government has to take blame for the country’s current economic state

david-abdullahThe Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) says the previous government has to take the blame for the country’s economic woes. Political leader David Abdullah yesterday said increased hydrocarbon production and diversification is needed if the country is to climb out of the recession.


But he also said among the reasons for the economic downtown is the waste of public funds over the last 5 years when oil and gas prices soared. He also said the money wasted by the Peoples Partnership could have been used to help in diversifying the economy.


Mr. Abdullah sees this as a failure of other governments as well. Mr Abdullah is welcoming plans for tripartite talks as a means of addressing the issue as mentioned by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley in his address to the nation last week. Mr. Abdullah also said multinational companies in this country must me made to use local produce.



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