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Michelle Obama makes a moral case against Donald Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was not just a powerful condemnation of President Donald Trump’s record and handling of the pandemic.

It was an appeal aimed at the heart and conscience of every American who has watched the chaos of the last 4 years and yearned to make things right.

Reprising her role as “The Closer” — this time for former Vice President Joe Biden on the convention’s opening night – Mrs. Obama spoke as the wife of a former President who has seen “the immense weight and awesome power” of the Presidency up close.

She spoke as a mother trying to teach empathy and instill “a strong moral foundation” in her daughters.

And she spoke as an American pained “to see so many people hurting” at a time when the coronavirus has claimed more than 170,000 lives in the US and cast millions into unemployment.

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