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Law Association supports CoP investigations into raid at DSS

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago supports the investigations started by Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith following the raid on DSS headquarters in La Horquetta.

Via statement last evening, the association said the Commissioner’s investigations should also include whether there was a legal requirement to obtain a warrant before the search on the apartment.

In an interview on Sunday the Commissioner could not say for sure if there was a warrant.

Yesterday the Law Association said a warrant obtained after a search has started does not legalise what has already occurred.

The association noted, the privacy of people’s premises is protected by the constitution and ought only to be violated when carried out strictly in accordance with the law.

It said the failure to obtain a warrant when required, and the failure to disclose it when obtained, violates the constitution.

The association said the Commissioner is right to investigate the individual caught on tape, seemingly stuffing cash into his apparel.

Commissioner Griffith has already denied that the officer in question is from the police service.

And the law association is encouraging the Commissioner to pay equal attention to reports, apparently backed by video footage, of members of the search squad physically abusing occupants of the premises being searched. 

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