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Home quarantine to become the new normal

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram

The Ministry of Health is clearing house as it prepares for the growing number of COVID-19 positive cases.

State sanctioned home quarantine is being encouraged.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram told the COVID-19 news conference, some patients are to be released to finish their recovery at home.

And he said COVID positive patients would no longer need a negative test result to be discharged from step down facilities.

A similar arrangement is now in effect for asymptomatic persons.

Only persons who are moderately to severely ill will be taken to hospital.

The CMO said officials at the County Medical Officers of Health would do clinical telephone interviews.

Mild cases will be home quarantined for the duration of on average 20 days.

More than 400 COVID-19 positive patients are to be released from State quarantine.

They will be allowed to finish their quarantine at home.

Up to last evening, 159 new cases were recorded.

The Ministry said the new cases were from samples taken between August 18th and August 25th.

The total number of active cases now stands at 1,204.

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