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Guyana’s Opposition Leader issues words of caution as the race for a new leader of his PNC picks up speed

Guyana’s Opposition leader, Joe Harmon

The race for a new leader of the Opposition Peoples National Congress in Guyana has been gaining speed.

Opposition leader in the parliament Joe Harmon has officially thrown his hat in the ring.

Last week, Mr. Harmond said, people contesting the upcoming elections need to keep the focus on the strengthening of the PNC.

He is convinced those running for positions in the party are seasoned and strong and can deal with the barbs that will come.

Mr. Harmond said the goal is not to fight enemies within, but to unseat the ruling Peoples Progressive Party CIVIC.

The party is to hold its convention and elections next month.

Former president and current PNC leader David Granger has said he will not run for another term.

It is reported that Mr. Harmond has the blessings of his political leader.

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