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Government asked to explain removal of 5 clauses from Income Tax Amendment Bill 2018

Unknown-43Government is asked to explain why it removes five clauses from the now contentious Income Tax Amendment Bill 2018.


During his contribution to the debate in the Senate yesterday Independent Senator Dr. Maria Dillon Remy questioned the Attorney General, on the removal of the clauses.


The opposition maintains that the bill is bad law and continues to withhold its support


Yesterday, A.G Faris al Rawi sought to explain why government had to excise five clauses.


The Attorney General said the global forum would now view Trinidad and Tobago in a negative light.


And in response Opposition Senator Gerald Ramdeen said that the constitution came before the requirements of any world body.



Mr. Ramdeen said the Bill failed to meet the standard.



The Bill was passed without Opposition support in the Lower House last week.

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