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Fishing Trip Turns Tragic

fishingA fishing expedition turns tragic, leading to the death of Vinod Lyndon Madho. He drowned in the Godineau River, La Romaine on Saturday. Mr. Madho drowned after the pirogue he was in collided with a concrete pillar and capsized.


Mr. Madho was 33 years old and lived at Lalbeharry Trace, Debe. He was said to be in a pirogue with his relatives, Vasu Sookdeo, and Suraj Katwaroo, when it overturned along the Godineau River, where highway construction works are being done.


Reports say the three men were thrown off but Mr. Madho was trapped under the vessel. His body was fished out of the river by 50 year-old Mr. Katwaroo. It is said Mr. Madho could not swim. The two surviving friends told the media the pirogue stalled just off the Point Lisas jetty at around 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon.


They say by the time they got help it was dark and as the pirogue was being pulled through the Godineau channel a strong current began pushing it. The vessel hit a pillar and overturned. An autopsy has been scheduled to be done on Madho’s body today at the San Fernando Mortuary.




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