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Families identify dead underwater welders 1 day after they are extracted from a pipeline

The families of Kazim Ali Junior, Yusuf Henry and Fyzal Kurban have identified their bodies, 24 hours after they were extracted from a pipeline at Paria Fuels Limited.

The 4th body, which remains stuck in the pipeline, is 48-year-old Rishie Nagessar.

The 4 men along with Gregory Boodram were carrying out maintenance work under water when tragedy struck last Friday afternoon.

Mr. Boodram was successfully pulled from the pipeline; his colleagues were not as fortunate.

Outside the Forensic Science Center yesterday, Yusuf Henry’s father Joseph said closure can now begin.

This is the 3rd son he has lost in less than 3 months.

The wife of Dive Master, Faizal Kurban, Salisha Kurban, told reporters he was the perfect husband.

The 3rd body recovered on Monday afternoon was Kazim Ali Jr.

Paria yesterday said efforts to recover the last body, that of Rishi Nagessar, are ongoing.

The men were attached to LMCS which was sub contracted by Paria Fuels Limited to carry out maintenance work on the under water pipeline.

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