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Barbados Opposition Leader takes PM to task

Barbados Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart

Barbados Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart

The Opposition Leader in Barbados, takes the Prime Minister to task for vowing to pull the country out of the Appelate Jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice.


Mia Mottley says she is ashamed of Fruendel Stuart’s decision.


Citing disrespect from the Trinidad and Tobago based court Prime Minister Stuart said last weekend he has a problem with the institution, set up to replace the Privy Council in the region.


Miz mottley who is the leader of the barbados labour party is shocked and ashamed.


Speaking at a political meeting of her BLP last night, Ms. Mottley linked the Prime Minister’s annoucement to a recent ruling of the CCJ.


The court ordered that St. Lucian born Academic Professor, Eddy Ventose be put on the electors list in Barbados, where he has lived for several years.


Ms. Mottley said that is what would have led to the Prime Minister’s outburst.


Prime Minister Stuart has said he is not criticising the rulings of the court.


To date, the only countries which have signed onto the CCJ in its Appellate Jurisdiction are Barbados, Guyana , Dominica and Belize.

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