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Another Port Chairman resigns

Unknown-105Allison Lewis says she has done her best as chairman of the Port Authority, and it is now time to let someone else continue the work.


Ms. Lewis resigned as Chairman last week.


Over the weekend, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said he would ask Ms. Lewis to reconsider her decision to resign.


Ms. Lewis resigned less than a year after she took up the job.


She is the second Port Chairman to resign in two years.


Ms. Lewis is quoted today as saying she is not running from anything, but she believes she has done everything possible.


She reportedly says she carried out her duties with professionalism and she thanked the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for giving her the opportunity to serve the country.


Ms. Lewis says has always done what she thought was in the country’s best interests and has done her work with integrity and fairness.


The state of the sea bridge has plagued the country under the watch of Ms. Lewis.


Ms. Lewis says the port will always be very challenging.


She believes the port needs to be transformed.


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