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2 political parties call for extension of Property Tax Valuation Forms

Finance Minister Colm Imbert

The deadline for submission of Property Tax Valuation Forms looms but there is a call for it to be extended from 2 political parties.

They are warning that as it stands citizens face criminal penalties for failing to submit before the deadline.

At a media conference yesterday former Senator Tharka Obika of the Opposition, United National Congress said this was not time to implement such a measure.

He said the fact that valuations were not done is a matter the Minister of Finance should take responsibility for.

And Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice David Abdulah says he too is for the extension of the deadline.

Speaking virtually yesterday Mr. Abdullah said it should be that industrial and commercial entities be made to pay first.

On Friday, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said the Valuation Division still had not received the required 200,000 valuation return forms, which are needed to proceed with the implementation of property tax.

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