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2 more murders overnight

Two more murders overnight.

The killings occurred in Valencia and Chaguanas minutes apart.

In Valencia the victim is identified as Michael Tramcome.

Reports say he was among 3 men shot in the area.

The others are Anthony Hopkins and Calden Lopez.

The trio was said to be liming along the Toco Main Road near the junction last night when at around 7:40pm they were approached by armed men who opened fire on them.

Mr. Tramcome died at the scene.

Mr. Lopez and Mr. Hopkins were taken to hospital where they remain warded.

Minutes earlier a man was gunned down in Enterprise Chaguanas.

He is identified only by his alias, Poppy Boss.

Newscenter 5 understands the he was at Chrissy Terrace at around 7:35pm last night when he was killed.

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