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TTPS is said to be in a poor state

PSC chairman Maria Therese-Gomes

PSC chairman Maria Therese-Gomes

The Police Service Commission says the Police Service is in a poor state.

Commission chairman Dr Maria Therese-Gomes said members of the PSC have taken a hands on approach to dealing with the negative public perception of the service.

Dr Therese-Gomes said committee members attend the various community meetings hosted by the service in an attempt to improve the operations of the TTPS. She agreed with the position the service is in need of an overhaul.

However, Dr Therese-Gomes’ response left one member of the committee confused. Nigel De Freitas told the chairman it may be time for the commission to suggest different criteria for judging performance within the service.

Dr Therese-Gomes responded saying the process is easier said than done. She was sitting before a joint select committee yesterday.

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