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Supermarkets Association of T&T called on its members to immediately boycott the brand

The fallout from the social media rant of Naila Ramsaran widens, as many call for a boycott of the products of her family’s 70-year-old dairy drinks company.

Massy Stores first announced it was removing the products from its shelves at all supermarkets nationwide and it has suspended orders.

The Supermarkets Association of Trinidad and Tobago later called on all its members to immediately boycott the brand.

Many supermarkets including, Xtra Foods, Tru Value, West Bees, Persad the Food King and JTA Supermarket heeded the call and announced they had removed the products from their shelves.

Naila Ramsaran’s posted comments about people of African descent followed the PNM’s victory at the polls on Monday.

She described persons who voted for Dr. Keith Rowley as “cockroaches” and went on to say contraceptives should be placed in their water so they would not pro-create.

An apology from Ms. Ramsaran followed but many on social media and the wider society are not ready to accept.

The company has also apologised and stated that Ms. Ramsaran was fired.

There is a petition calling on the government to remove Ramsaran’s products from the school feeding program.

And a teacher of the Bishop Anstey East High School also posted similar statements online.

Head of the Anglican Church, Bishop Claude Berkley yesterday said the posts have caused outrage and the board at the school has met.

He said it is regrettable that this is the behaviour by some after the election.

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