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A total of eight men are shot and killed in a 24-hour period in Blanchisseuse, Belmont and Diego Martin.

These killings have pushed the murder toll for 2023 to 480.

The comparative figure for the same period in 2022 was 508.

The latest incident occurred yesterday around 4.30 p.m, along the Blanchisseuse Main Road near Lalaja Road, Arima.

Police said, that around that time a car with three men was ambushed, and its occupants were shot several times.

All three men died on the spot.

No ID’s of the victim were available last evening.

On Sunday night five men were shot and killed, four in Belmont and one in Cocorite.

In Belmont the dead men have been identified as Brandon Forde, Kerron Moore, Brian Padmore and Chivon Clarke.

Reports say, the incident took place at the corner of Smart Place and Belmont Circular road around 10:10pm Sunday night.

Newscentre Five understands, the men were liming along the roadway when dark colored SUV make, pulled along side the men.

Reports say, five men then alighted from the SUV and began shooting in the direction of the men, and then sped off.

And the man shot and killed in Diego Martin has been identified.

He is nester Sammy alias “Pappy”.

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