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Man shot dead by police in Morvant described as one of the country’s most wanted

Police have described the man they shot dead as one of the country’s most wanted.

According to the police Nigel Dufu Mayers was a known gangster.

He was shot and killed by police early yesterday morning, following a reported exchange of gunfire in the Morvant area.

Mr. Mayers was 40-years-old and lived at Redwood Street in Morvant.

A team of officers from the special operations response team is said to have gone to the home of Mr. Mayers at around 6:30am to execute a search warrant.

The officers say when they got to the house Mr. Mayers opened fire using an AK-47 rifle

Police returned fire hitting Mr. Mayers.

Officers say Mr. Mayers had in one of his hands a grenade.

Mr. Mayers was rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was later pronounced dead on arrival.

The Bomb Squad was called in to sweep for other explosive devices in and around the house.

Yesterday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said other finds were made at the Morvant home.

Commissioner Griffith told a news conference this is an example of what happens when bail is given to the wrong people.

Mr. Mayers and several other men were freed last year of killing shopkeeper Shirley Thomas on November 9th, 2010.

Yesterday’s exercise was coordinated by Snr. Supt. Phillip of the Northeastern Division and DCP Jayson Forde and also included Sgt. Mark Hernandez of SORT and Sgt. Metivier.

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