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Man found driving under the influence banned for life

Unknown-33The court has banned for life a Marabella man found driving under the influence of alcohol for a third time.


Mechanic Wazir Ramjohn was permanently disqualified from driving after he appeared in court yesterday.


Reports say Mr. Ramjohn caught committing the offence on Easter Sunday the anniversary of the death of his son.


Mr. Ramjohn’s Attorney Sharmilla Rampaul told the court her client was plunged into grief on the death anniversary and returned to drinking.


She admitted Mr. Ramjohn is in need of rehabilitation counseling to help him deal with his alcohol consumption, depression and life’s problems.


She pleaded for her client to be spared a jail term although San Fernando Traffic Court Magistrate Natalie Diop said the law allowed for such.


Magistrate Diop said the court has to send a clear message this conduct will not be tolerated.


She also fined Mr. Ramjohn $15,000.


He had to pay $3,000 immediately or face 2 years hard labour.


Mr. Ramjohn was ordered to pay the balance of $12,000 in 2 months time.

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