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Kareem Ibrahim Has now been declared a Terrorist By the courts in Trinidad & Toabgo

kareemHe has now been declared a terrorist by the courts in Trinidad and Tobago. Kareem Ibrahim is service life in a U.S. prison after he was found guilty of conspiring along with others to commit acts of terrorism at the John F. Kennedy International Airport.


The plan was to blow up fuel tanks and a fuel pipeline under the airport. Here in Trinidad and Tobago the unprecedented ruling was handed down yesterday by Justice Nadia Kangaloo.


One week ago the office of the Attorney General filed the application, under section 22B of the Anti-Terrorism Act (2005) seeking to have 70 year-old Mr. Ibrahim deemed a terrorist and to put a freeze on his assets.


However, the state was unable to identify any business and real estate interests connected to Ibrahim, which it intended to seize. Head of the Central Authority, Naitram Kowlesar yesterday said the attorney general will say more.


The move by the state came after the terror attacks in Paris last month that left 129 people dead and many more injured. Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says the state will be moving to file several more applications at the High Court, to have other individuals listed as terrorists and have their assets seized in the near future. The state now has six days to make the order public through publication in the gazette while Ibrahim has 60 days to appeal the judge’s ruling should he decide to do so.



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