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Guy Mayers Being blamed for fall out over alleged extra-judicial killings by St. Lucia Police

Guy-MayersEx-National Security and Home Affairs Minister Guy Mayers is being blamed for the fall out over the alleged extra-judicial killings by St. Lucia Police during an anti-crime exercise called ‘Operation Restore Confidence’. Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony accuses Mr. Mayers of abuse of power during the previous UWP administration.


The findings of the Caricom impacs report have reportedly led to an embargo from the key security donors pending the outcome of legal action by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. At his Party’s Convention over the weekend, Dr. Anthony said Mr. Mayers failed to listen to words of caution during his administration’s reign. He warned Mr. Mayers he will have to answer for his alleged abuse of office.


The findings of the impacs report were partially disclosed by the Prime Minister earlier this year. The investigation was launched after the United States imposed sanctions on the Royal St. Lucia Police Force due to concerns over alleged extra judicial killings.




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