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Conflicting Reports on Circumstances which led to death of police constable

pc-ramnarineConflicting reports on the circumstances which led to the death of police constable Russel Ramnarine and Unversity student Avery Keshwar. Police are dismissing talk that there was an exchange of gunfire between the officer and bandits in Aranguez yesterday.

A release from the police says 24 year-old PC Ramnarine, and 22 year-old Mr. Keshwar, of College Road, St Augustine, were both gunned down at around 5:15am at Aranguez Road, Aranguez, in the vicinity of a popular barbeque outlet. According to the release PC Ramnarine, who was on duty at the time, along with a uniformed officer of the St. Joseph Police Crime Patrol, were following-up on a report made by Mr. Keshwar of a stolen cell phone among other items.

They are said to have accompanied the victim in an unmarked vehicle to Aranguez to meet the suspect to retrieve the stolen items. Police say when the suspect observed the uniformed officer seated in the vehicle, he took off causing PC Ramnarine who was in plainclothes; and the other officer, to give chase along Williams Street, Aranguez. The statement says the uniformed officer continued the pursuit while PC Ramnarine made his way back to the vehicle where Avery Keshwar was still seated.

Upon entering the vehicle shots from the nearby barbeque outlet were fired at both men They died at the scene. Police are insisting there was no exchange of gunfire. Up to last night police remained at the scene

Newscentre 5 understands an unlicensed fire arm believed to be connected to the crime has been found in a bag of discarded french fries. PC Ramnarine was sworn in as an officer on October 8th, 2014. Four persons from the Aranguez district are currently assisting homicide detectives with the investigation. Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has extended condolences to the families of officer Ramnarine and Mr. Keshwar.




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