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2 men shot dead by police in Morvant identified

Two of the three men shot dead by police in Morvant are identified.

And the relatives of one of the victims are crying foul on the part of the police officers involved.’

The two dead men are Israel Clinton and Joel Jacobs.

Both were from Jumans Avenue, Morvant.

They were shot and killed by members of the Guard and Emergency Branch on Saturday afternoon.

Police say they were shot during an exchange of gunfire at Second Caledonia.

The killings took place hours after PC Allen Moseley was gunned down off Morvant Old Road on Saturday.

The Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says there is no connection between the two incidents.

Officers say they came under attack by 3 men in a vehicle.

According to the officers the men were ordered to get out of the vehicle.

Police say one of them pointed a firearm in their direction forcing a response.

All 3 were hit.

They were taken to hospital where they died.

Speaking with reporters shortly after the killings on Saturday, relatives of Joel Jacob described his killing as murder and want a thorough investigation into the incident.

His sister Candice Jacob said his family has seen CCTV footage of the incident and her brother was unjustly killed.

And his mother Karen Jacob said officers executed her son.

The Police Complaints Authority has launched a probe into the matter.

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