An oil spill in La Brea.

oil+spillThe environmental Authority has strongly urged the evacuation of some people in La brea affected by an oil spill. Petrotrin is being advised that pregnant women and children should be temporarily moved out of the coffee beach area for their own safety.

But residents are saying up to yesterday there were no evacuations in the community and there is increasing concern.

Th Ema says almost one mile of thick black oil was seen along the shore. Several fishing boats and fishing gear have been affected along with the mangrove in the area.

The authority reports thats homes were minimally affected.

The strong stench is said to be affecting some residents as well.

Yesterday Petrotrin officials returned to coffee beach accompanied by three backholes and two ambulances.

EMA personnel were also present.

The EMA Emergency response team was instrumental in providing guidance to petrotrin in initiating the clean up efforts.

According to the release, at present the cause of the spillage could not be ascertained and further aerial investigation is being initiated to aid in uncovering the cause of this incident.

Petrotrin says it has engaged the services of three contractors who are onsite using heavy mechanical and other equipment to clean up the oil spill at Coffee beach, La Brea.

The company also says a fourth contractor with a crew of 25 community personnel trained in oil spill response, from the La Brea area, is also being mobilised.

Petrotrin is also confirming it received reports of fishermens boats also being contaminated with oil at coffee beach on Wednesday.

It says its operations, security and health safety and environment personnel responded by initiating containment and clean up efforts which are ongoing.

The company yesterday explained that environmentally friendly shoreline and mangrove cleaning solvents as well as oil spill absorbent materials are currently being used in the clean up efforts.

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