5 murders in the last 24 hours.

5MURDER24HOURSPolice are stepping up their patrols in east Port Of Spain, following the latest killings there.

Two teenaged cousins were shot and killed within hours of each other.

One of them was pregnant. Sixteen year old Rasheeda Gomez who lived in one of the HDC apartments was shot several times while with her boyfriend, Shondell Braithwaite.

Eight hours earlier her cousin 16 year old Naim Chester Antoine was shaken out of his sleep by gunmen and taken to George Street where he was shot in the head, legs and chest.

Police say they are continuing a presence in the Duncan Street area.

A total of five persons were killed within a 24 hour period. The other victims are 17 year old Sean Lewis, Aaron Williams of  Maloney and twenty four year old Christopher Peters. Mr. Peters was shot and killed at Quarry Street, Laventille yesterday afternoon.

Arima police are continuing their investigations into a vehicular accident which claimed the lives of Jason Rawlins and Dale Ellis.

Yesterday morning 32 year old Mr Rawlins was driving along Demerara Road Arima when he apparently lost control and slammed into a Hilux driven by Gregory Alexander.

33 year old Mr Ellis was a passenger in Mr Rawlins vehicle. Both men died on the spot, while Mr. Alexander was late yesterday listed in a serious condition at hospital.

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